To most of us, earwax (or cerumen) is just some yellowish substance found in their ear; however, it has several uses. It protects the ear canal, prevents insects and other substances from entering the ear, and it also contains chemicals that fight germs that would otherwise infect the ears. That said, earwax can be problematic.

Many of us do not need a professional earwax removal. The ear cleans itself naturally. But some of us are prone to earwax buildup. Below are three signs that you might need to get your ears cleaned! 


1. Impacted earwax

Do your ears feel heavy or clogged? Do they hurt or ache when you touch them? It might be due to the impaction of earwax within the ear canal.

Every so often, earwax is naturally pushed out of the ear canal, leaving just enough to keep the ear healthy.

An impaction occurs when the earwax isn’t pushed out of the ear canal in enough amounts, thus causing it to accumulate and harden. This then leads to blocked ears.

The most common cause of impacted earwax is the use of cotton swabs or pieces of clothing to clean the inside of the ear. While this can seem like an effective way to get rid of earwax (because you’re scooping out a lot each time you do it), it does more harm than good, as most of the earwax gets pushed farther into the ear canal, causing it to harden and block the sensitive areas of the ear.

If you do a lot of cotton swab ear cleaning and are now feeling ear pains, you probably need earwax removal in Leeds.

2. Dark earwax

We all know what earwax looks like. Yellowish, sticky, with a particular odour. Cerumen is often yellow. Sure, not yellow like a sunflower, but you get the idea.

If you notice the wax coming out of your ears changes colour to a distinctly darker hue, it can be a sign of extra debris laying around in the ear, which suggests that there is a higher amount of earwax within the ear canal. Seeing a specialist at this point is the safest bet at getting the proper care for your ear.

3. Reduced hearing

Most people go about their days feeling like their hearing is the same as always. It is not easy to notice small changes in hearing, the same way it is not easy to notice small increments in height. But we often notice a difference over time.

Some of us—especially the older ones among us—may have noticed a drop in hearing. Maybe they struggle to keep up with conversations because they can’t hear them clearly or they do not hear their names so well when called.

Reduced hearing is often a sign of ear problems. It might have been caused by wax accumulation. If earwax is clogging the ear canal, it can be quite difficult to hear.

If you are experiencing reduced hearing, or you know a family member whose hearing has markedly deteriorated, you should speak to us today about professional earwax removal

Final thoughts

Our ears are effective at cleaning themselves, but in some cases, special care and attention are needed. 

Do not ignore any of the above signs if you are experiencing them. The ears are important for overall sound health and wellbeing, so pay attention to them and give them the love and care they deserve.

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