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“Was seen promptly the wax removal was painless i am very satisfied with the care received today.”

“Painless and Brilliant”

“The procedure was quick, the nurse was informing and just lovely.”

“Immediate improvement noticed. Excellent service provided by the nurse.”

“I cannot thank you enough for this appointment, the procedure was explained simply & thorough, the nurse practitioner loves her practice therefore full satisfaction all round. Thank You very much for your care from making my appointment to explaining. I will come straight to this service in the future.”

“Absolute fabulous nurse looked after my 4 year old she was a diamond! Thank you!”

“First class service.”

“Was very pleased with service, nurse was very helpful did a good job and explained everything in detail.”

“Good Quick appointments, nice centre, friendly staff. Excellent”

“Well done. Excellent Friendly and at last i can hear 10/10**”

Life is worth listening to

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