Microsuction is a safe and effective way to remove excess ear wax from your ears. However, lots of people have never heard of it. Even those who have often don’t really know what it involves. Here are five things that you might not know about microsuction to help you become more informed about this procedure.

1. Microsuction Was First Used In ENT Departments

Although microsuction is a relatively recent service for most patients, in hospital ENT departments it has been around for some time. Microsuction was once only used to remove ear wax from patients who had eardrum perforations or who had large cavities following a mastoid operation since removing ear wax in the traditional method with water would be dangerous for those people. Removing ear wax in outpatient departments and in GP surgeries was, until recently, done via irrigation or syringing. However, in recent years, microsuction has become more popular as medical professionals recognise its many benefits. It is now the preferred option for most patients as it is safe, quick, and reduces the risk of infection and complications associated with water-using methods.

2. Children Can Have Microsuction

Although you might think that children wouldn’t be suitable candidates for microsuction, in fact in many cases children aged 6 and above can have the procedure performed without any problems. As long as the child is cooperative and can sit still throughout the procedure, microsuction is perfectly safe and highly effective. Not only can it remove ear wax it can also remove foreign objects that are lodged in the ear canal – a common problem among children! Contact our expert team today to find out more about whether microsuction is a suitable option for your child.

3. Microsuction Of Both Ears Takes Just 30 Minutes

Lots of people think that microsuction will take a long time, however, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, you can have ear wax removed from both ears via microsuction within just 30 minutes in most cases. Your hearing will be restored more quickly than you imagined!

4. Microsuction Can Be Carried Out By Nurses As Well As Doctors

If you thought you needed to see a doctor to have ear wax microsuction, think again! Specialist nurses and trained audiologists can also perform microsuction. Here at Premier Ear Care, our team of fully trained, highly experienced auditory specialist nurses is able to carry out your ear wax microsuction restoring your hearing. 

5. Microsuction Is More Effective If You Use A Wax Softening Spray First

Microsuction is a very safe and effective way to remove excess ear wax. However, we recommend that you use a wax softening spray in your ears for a couple of days before your appointment as well as on the morning of the appointment itself. That ensures that the procedure is as comfortable and quick as possible. 

Now that you know these five fascinating facts about microsuction you might be ready to have your ear wax removed.

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